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Diaspora Issues

Ghanaweb Poll
MAIN reason for increased remittances to Ghana is
Increased economic hardship
Increased brain drain
Confidence in govt policies
Stable exchange rate + price increase

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DatePoll Question
2007-08-30Miss Ghana UK: Your choice
2006-03-31MAIN reason for increased remittances to Ghana is
2005-06-01Should Ghanaians Abroad have the right to vote abroad
2003-10-12I consider myself a(n)
2003-06-25Should Ghanaians living abroad have Parliamentary Seat(s) ?
2003-04-17How would you rate the Ghana Embassy/High Comission closest to you
2002-09-10Right-Hand Steering Vehicles Importation should be
2002-06-23Where do you live?
2002-06-10What age limit should the govt place on imported vehicles